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What customers are saying...

tim in sandwich, IL:

We've had this house for six years and with three dogs and two kids. I thought that my carpeting was not salvageable. My wife and I were already planning to replace it but then we gave Carpet Blasters a call. The man who came out was very nice, professional and on time. He used this awesome cleaning tool called the Rotovac which removed our toughest stains. We couldn't be happier to report that our carpeting looks brand new. Thank you Carpet Blasters!

sheryl in Bolingbrook, IL:

While the cleaning took a longer time than I would have expected, the quality of the work was exceptional.  A staircase that (sadly) hadn't been carpet cleaned in 10 years now looks brand new, and our 10 year old furniture looks spectacular as well.  Exceptional value for the price, and we will definitely be calling again for other rooms in the house.

Kate in Lake Zurich, IL:

I hired Carpet Blasters to clean the carpets in our entire home in preparation for putting our house on the market. It included five bedrooms, living and dining rooms and hallways and stairs. He did an excellent job! We had some mysterious black marks on our living room floor that I didn't think anyone would be able to remove - I tried. But he got them out - easily! He finished the entire house in less than a day and at a reasonable price. I will definitely be using them again.